Juan Serafica


Curriculum Coordinator – Kang Chiao International School, Linkou Campus

Juan Serafica, while teaching for the Clark County School District, earned his M. Ed in Curriculum & Instruction CTPE at UNLV. After graduating and working for several years in the school district, Juan Serafica decided to take an opportunity to teach abroad at an international school in Taiwan. As a subject teacher, Juan was promoted to head teacher and then to a management role as curriculum coordinator. As Curriculum Coordinator, Juan modified the curriculum at Linkou Campus to reflect current best practices in top-performing schools in Taiwan.

What did Juan Serafica say about the Workforce and Career Education programs at UNLV?

“I often used what I learned from Dr. Gordon and others when delivering training and development workshops for our foreign and local teachers worldwide. Organizing and collaborating with other educators from various backgrounds and countries, such as the UK, South Africa, New Zealand, China, and Taiwan, is vital to student success at our school. I live and breathe by the “80/20″ rule I learned in Adult Learning Theory!”